Welcome to the prototype Desirable-class space ship Aether.

Please feel free to make yourself comfortable.

Main RoomEdit

In the main room is the luxurious lounge. A fountain runs in the centre, surrounded by sofas. When you approach it, the fountain stops spurting water, and opens to reveal a comms station. A recorded message begins:

"Hello. Supreme Chancellor Zaan is not in right now. Can I take a message?

The room is large, and as you move away from the fountain, he closes and the water starts up again. A droid approaches, with a large drink for you. You can now progress throughout the rest of the ship.


In the study, an ebony desk is littered with peices of paper and complicated readings. You notice that the papers are all written by Ziwil Zaan, a famous theologist. The study has a cosy feel, as the window projects a view of Coruscant's skyline, not the bleak emptiness of space. As you leave a door opens up behind you.


In the laboratory, a computer is running tests. It begins to speak when you approach.

"Current Date: Friday 2203 2019 Current time: 09:28. Currently scanning: 586. Nothing to report.

You decide to leave.

The CockpitEdit

The cockpit is empty. There are several large wires hanging in dangerous places. A navi board wines nearby.


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