Master Zawn's lightsabers

Aquwoot Zawn is a Grand Master Jedi, who has a curved orange lightsaber which has an Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse, which means it can withstand water. He also has a pure gold purple lightsaber, from one of his fallen Jedi. Aquwoot is not a human he is part-Keshiri, part-Chuhkyvi. His father was a Chuhkyvi and his mother was a Keshiri. Aquwoot has gold eyes and pale purple skin. He has sea-blue hair and able to breathe underwater. His home is in Aquaris, and his other home is in Kesh.

Master Zawn has peacefully renounced from the Jedi Temple, and no longer Grand Master. He is living in Aquaris, where he spends his exile.