Welcome to the bank! Here you can request a credit stick, or open an account. Please reequest both items in the section titled "Requests".

Accounts and Credit Stick Information Edit

Credit SticksEdit

Credit sticks can be requested from this page. You should put a link to it next to a request for purchasing objects, or in your signature or some other obvious place. They are used to buy items. Remember to keep an eye on your credits.


Accoutns can be opened by requesting one on this page. A link to your new account will be left next to the request on the page. Please sign all requests.
You can earn interest on an account. The current interest rate is 0.5% per month, and 1% per month for accounts which have been used for a year. (Gold Accounts).
You may store items with your accounts.

Accounts Edit

All accounts will be listed here.

Ziwil Zaan's AccountEdit

This account belongs to Ziwil Zaan.

Requests Edit

Please sign all requests.