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Wecome to Corellian Engineering Corporation.

We sell ships to grateful customers.

The current manager is Terek Sh'iilik.
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Ships for SaleEdit

We have several ships for sale:



  • HLAF-500 Starfighter (500 credits)
  • YT-5100 Shriek-class Bomber (650 credits)

Escape Pods

  • Escape Pod Deluxe- Only for Luxury Starships (250 Credits)
  • Class-6 Escape Pod (100 Credits)


Please leave all requests below. State the buyer and which space craft. Also leave a link to your credit stick so we can deduct the right amount of credits. Also leave 4 dashes underneath.

Could I buy the VCX-350 light frieghter please? Thanks, and credit stick. DONE
Anti-Umbridge league (Comm me) 16:20, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

Credit Stick

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