Cloning was the process of creating a genetically identical or—purposefully 
and specifically—modified copy of an original organism.

Clone RanksEdit

  • Marshal Commander—The senior most rank a clone soldier could attain. Like all commanders. Each marshal commander was in command of a corps.
  • Senior Commander—The second highest rank attainable by the clone forces. Each was in command of a brigade or legion.
  • Regimental Commander— Each was in command of a regiment.
  • Battalion Commander— The junior most commander rank of the clone forces. Each was in command of a battalion.
  • Major— Each is in command of a batallion.
  • Captain— Each was in command of a company.
  • Lieutenant— Each was in command of a platoon.
  • 2nd Lieutenant— Also in charge of a platoon.
  • Sergeant-Major— They were second-in-command of platoons.
  • Sergeant— In command of a squad.
  • Corporal— The second most junior rank of clone forces. They were second-in-command of squads.
  • Trooper—The junior most rank in the clone forces.

Army UnitsEdit

  • Systems Army —2 Sector Armies (294,912 units) led by aHigh Jedi General . 
  • Sector Army —4 corps (147,456 units) led by a Senior Jedi General .
  • Corps —4 legions (36,864 units) led by a Jedi General .
  • Legion /Brigade —4 regiments (9,216 units) led by a senior commander and a Jedi General. 
  • Regiment —4 battalions (2,304 units) led by a regimental commander and a Jedi Commander . 
  • Battalion —4 companies (576 units) led by a battalion commander and 
  • Company —4 platoons (144 units) led by a captain . 
  • Platoon —4 squads (36 units) led by alieutenant , second lieutenant, and sergeant-major. 
  • Squad —9 units led by a sergeant and  corporal.
  • Unit — 1 Trooper.

Getting startedEdit

First, you need a number. Go here and follow these instructons.

  1. Generate  1  random integers
  2. Each integer should have a value between 00000 and  99999
  3. Click "Get Numbers"
  4. Use this number as your clone number.

Step 2Edit

Choose a nickname. No clone should be without a nickname. If you need help, go here.

Step 3Edit