Welcome to the page for electing Senators for Alderaan.


  1. You may nominate anybody, including yourself, but please make sure you communicate to their talk page to tell them that they are nominated.
  2. If you nomiante yourself or somebody else, please communicate with the Supreme Chancellor.
  3. If somebody is nominated, their signature MUST appear under the nomination within 48 hours, otherwise the nomination is void.
  4. Do not nominate after the nomination closing date, and do not vote after the election is over.
  5. All votes must be signed, any that are not will be worth 1/2 a point.
  6. The nomination closing date is 2 weeks after the first nomiantion. If there is only one nomination by this point, then that nominee will automatically become senator.
  7. Please don't nominate people if there is already a senator, wait until they resign or are killed.

Senator RightsEdit

A senator is in charge of a planet. Any shop, building, business etc. must obey the ordinary rules for that planet, which the senator can alter and modify. Senators must be obeyed by any User or Rollback, but not by Admins or Bereaucrats. You will be able to vote on proposals.

Senator ResponsibilitiesEdit

It will be your job to represent the views of users who have citizenship on that planet. You must draw up laws for that planet and hire players to enforce them. In a way, you become an owner of a "mini wiki", as you are in charge of everything.


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