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Welcome to the Crystal Cave!

Take the quiz to see which color lightsaber you have! Please leave answer and letter in forum, with name and signature!


Red: Violent, likes war, and always finishes their goal. Blue: Friendly, loyal, and always paying attention. Green: Fair-play, serious, and loves creatures and nature.
Purple: Unique, great dueler, and will save as many as possible.
Yellow: Usually happy most of the time, helpful, and smart.
Orange: Funny, intelligent, and creative.
Silver: Independent, brave, and good memory.
Pink: Popular, determined, and can make a joke out of anything.


1. What do you do during free time?
A) I spend my time trying to destroy my enemy.
B) I spend my time painting or telling jokes.
C) I spend my time studying or helping others.
D) I spend my time outside or playing a game.
E) I spend my time being with friends or being on the phone.
F) I spend my time being different and trying to save lives.
G) I spend my time alone or playing with puzzles or games.
H) I spend my time trying to win and being funny.

2. You see your closest friend dueling with the enemy and another is coming up behind them to finish them off. You-
A) Slaughter the one coming up behind your friend and feel no remorse but triumph.
B) Call out to the enemy and trick them into looking at you and allowing your friend to take action.
C) Shout where the enemy is to your friend when they are about to attack.
D) Goes into the fight but tackles the enemy, not killing them but leaving them a fair warning and threat.
E) Shout to your friend and go back to back with them in the fight.
F) Goes into to fight and duels the enemy with your friend, blocking their every attack on you.
G) Instantly go in and attack the enemy coming up behind your friend, not caring if you were hurt.
H) Go in to fight and battle the enemy, not matter how long it takes and insult the enemy to antagonize them.


A lightsaber is a Jedi's greatest weapon

Please copy and paste the above questions into your "claim" after you have made the page. If you need help, please contact me.

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