Kara Alence
Kara Alence
Vital statistics
Title Padawan
Gender Female
Race Devaronian
Faction -
Health Full
Level -
Status Alive
Location The Jedi Temple
Need to Know
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Nataya Irris

Lightsaber Color


Lightsaber Form

Form: Jar'Kai

Early LifeEdit

Kara was taken to the Jedi Temple at birth. Se grew up with other Jedi Younglings learning the Jedi ways and code of conduct.


Kara is a happy-go-lucky girl, but she can be serious when needed. She alwats trys to make light of the situation before her. When she gets angry, she is very powerful and nearly unstoppable until she falls unconscious from her own power.

Kara will always be dedicated to the Jedi Order no matter what falls before her, for she is loyal.

Unique thingsEdit

Kara is a powerful to-be Jedi. She is at the top of her class and will probably get a master at the age of 11 or 12 instead of waiting until 14 or 15. She also weilds a lightsaber well and practices the Jar'Kai form of lightsaber combat (two blades).