This is the page for the rules of attacking.

Weapons and Armour Bonuses Edit

The first thing to do is calculate weapons and armour bonuses. To do this, you must choose your weapon and armour. Choose wisely, as some may have bonuses that will change against different weapons. You must work out which armour relays to which, for example a lightsaber vs. Beskar, Beskar has -2 against blasters and -4 against lightsabers. Therefore you would choose -4. Rememeber, weapons points are given in plus (+) points and armour points in minus (-) points. The bigger the number is better in both cases, so -4 is a better score than -2.

Duel Edit

List the various combatants and their weapons bonuses, for example Ziwil Zaan vs The Undercity Theieves would be listed as such. The combatants and applicable bonuses only are in bold:

Ziwl Zaan, 505 blaster, +3 vs. Blasters, +2 vs. lightsabers, Beskar armour, -2 damage points
Undercity Theieve 1, Repeating Pistol, +2, no armour
Undercity Theieve 2, Repeating Pistol, +2, no armour
Undercity Theieve 3, Repeating Pistol, +2, no armour
Undercity Theieve 4, Repeating Pistol, +2, no armour

Then, the battle starts.

Battle Edit

Place the word "results", then the words "Round One". You should then roll a die for each character, and add their weapons bonus on to the result.
Write out the results as such:

Ziwil Zaan rolls a 3, +3 =6 damage points Undercity Thieve 1 rolls a 2, +2 =4 damage points.

The difference is then applied as damage points to the loser, so in this instance, the Undercity Thieve would take 2 damage points, as he has no armour to absorb the damage points. If the shot had hit Zaan, then his armour would have deducted two from the damage point score, and so no damage would be taken.

Zaan then moves on to fight number two, and so on, until the round is over. You should then display the results. (See Example Battle for more info on format).

I shall be developing the combat system over the next few weeks, so please keep coming!

For more info on formatting a battle, see here.