Xanthe Nesthias
Galen Marek Jedi Knight by Cindrollic
Vital statistics
Title Master Jedi
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction -
Health Full
Level -
Status Alive
Location The Jedi Temple
Need to Know
Xanthe's Lightsaber


Alexis Dimmias

Lightsaber Color


Lightsaber Form


Lightsaber Crystal



Species: Human


Xanthe was taken from his home on Coruscant at the age of two to become a Jedi. His mother was relatively poor and when Jedi Knight, Xavier T'keel found her, she begged for him to take Xanthe to become a Jedi. Once there, he began his training with the other beginners.

He was at the bottom of his class and couldn't use the force or lightsaber properly. He was still at the bottom of the class until there was an exercise involving getting Muja fruit from the marketplace and then back to the Temple before sun down. During the exercise, something happened and uncontrollably and unexplainably Xanthe issued deadly wave of energy using the Force and everything around him was blown away.

When he was brought back to the Temple, he was immediately trained to control his anger and he has now since become more calm. He was also taught how to use a lightsaber and wield the Force better than he could already do and he was soon at the top of his class.

When he became a Padawan, he was taken by Xavier T'keel as his Padawan. Together, they fought along side each other and many good deeds were accomplished. However, T'keel was killed when he was fighting alone and Xanthe was suddenly alone for the first time. No other Jedi Knight would take him so the Temple gave him special permission to go on solo missions by himself.

When he became a Jedi Knight, he was given many missions to fulfill andso he did. He's currently searching for a Padawan learner of his own.


Xanthe's ship is the classic Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor which is used by most Jedi. It has 2 laser cannons and two ion cannons. His astromech is designated 5Y-O8.

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