Ziwil Zaan is an Arconan Male from the planet Cona. Ziwil was born to parents Ziwil Paray and Ziwil Naro. Unlike the rest of his species, he did not like their social structure of being "one" and spent his early days researching engineering and astrophysics.


Zaan was born on Cona to Ziwil Paray and Ziwil Naro. His species often grouped together and referred to themselves as "we". Zaan did not like this expression of unanimity, and one day left the Settlement to get some peace form the others of the tribe.

He found a wounded Republic pilot, and using his knowledge of medicine, healed him. The pilot taught Zaan Basic, and then engineering. When it came to the time that the pilot would leave, he left behind datapads of astrophysics. Zaan was quick to learn, and built a ship, the Aether. He used this to discover new things about space, and theorised about alternate realities. But eventually his rebellion was discovered, and Zaan exiled. He was banned from all planets on which Arcona lived.

Soon after, Zaan invented the credit sticks (his can be found here) for the people of the Republic, and earned his planet a lot of money. He returned a hero, and, after being elected as a Senator for Arcona, reveloutionised the Political System. He became Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic soon after, and remains so to this day. He is the character of User:Anti-Umbridge league.


Zaan is consdierate, but also theological. This theorising often got him into trouble, as some believed his theorising went against Arcona culture. He has reputable knowledge about astrophysics, engineering and healing. He can speak several languages, having been taught by the stranded pilot. Zaan is kind and curoious, though he never puts himself in danger out of inquisition. He will go to any means to save his friends. Unfortunately, he has none.


Zaan was considered to be a healer by his species, and so has a great knowledge of healing and medicine. He is a great pilot and engineer, and mans the Aether all by himself. He is also good at astrophysics, and is trained in combat. He can speak Basic, Arconan, Rattataki and Mando'a.


Zaan's ship is the Aether. It is his own design, and has many experimental features, such as the Inter-Reality Scanner, Solar detector and Grade 1 Engines. These are very unreliable.